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Ask a question, get answer. No forms to fill or articles to read. Less friction = better UX and more demos booked.

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Brainzy's AI-powered chatbot helps startups capture and convert more leads by providing instant, accurate, and personalized responses to visitor queries 24/7. With generative AI, Brainzy eliminates the need for complex rule-based setups, reducing friction and maximizing conversions.

Here's how Brainzy can help your startup generate more leads:

  • When visitors ask a question, they get an answer. No forms, no need to find or read articles. Less friction = more conversions.
  • Chat support is available 24/7, and answers are provided instantly. No more "We're unavailable, please leave your email."
  • Source links are provided for additional information if needed.
  • AI instructions can be customized to set the tone of the chatbot, or to implement guardrails if necessary.
  • Custom CTAs let you direct users to any phone number or web page.

Example: A prospective customer lands on your SaaS startup website. They have questions about your features and pricing. By understanding the information on the pricing and features pages of your website, Brainzy's chatbot can provide instant, accurate responses, and nudge them to book a demo with clickable links.

Help Users Get Answers

Users expect quick and easy access to information. But nobody likes to search through pages of help center articles. Brainzy lets your startup provide round-the-clock support without stretching your resources. By leveraging your website content and internal knowledge base, our AI chatbot delivers accurate, context-specific answers to user inquiries. With Brainzy, your users can find the solutions they need, when they need them, reducing frustration and churn.

Example: A new user logs into your web application. They are confused about how to set up their account. By understanding the information on your help center or knowledge hub, Brainzy's chatbot can provide instant, accurate responses, and guide them to the right webpages if they want to learn more.

Key Features

  • Instant, accurate responses
  • 24/7 availability
  • Customizable instructions for safety and onbrand messaging
  • Source links for reliability and additional information
  • Personalized branding to ensure brand consistency
  • Flexible call-to-action buttons for better conversion rates
  • No personal information stored or used for AI training

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