Boost Your Firm's Revenue with Brainzy

Brainzy works well for professional services firms, such as law firms, accounting practices, and marketing agencies. Our chatbot helps prospective clients find the information they need.

Convert Visitors Into Clients

Brainzy acts as a tireless, engaging representative for your firm, available 24/7 to answer inquiries and guide prospects through your services.

Here's how Brainzy can help you convert website visitors into clients:

  • When visitors ask a question, they get an answer. No forms, no need to find or read articles. Less friction = more calls.
  • Chat support is available 24/7, and answers are provided instantly. No more "We're unavailable, please leave your email."
  • Source links are provided for additional information if needed.
  • AI instructions can be customized to set the tone of the chatbot, or to implement safety guardrails if necessary.
  • Custom buttons can direct users to any phone number or web page.

Example: You run a law firm, and a new visitor lands on your website. They slipped at the supermarket and want to know if they can sue. Brainzy can provide a response based on the information on your website and can nudge the visitor towards booking a consultation, while ensuring not to provide legal advice.

Key Features

  • Instant, accurate responses
  • 24/7 availability
  • Customizable instructions for safety and onbrand messaging
  • Source links for reliability and additional information
  • Personalized branding to ensure brand consistency
  • Flexible call-to-action buttons for better conversion rates
  • No personal information stored or used for AI training

Ready To Turn Website Visitors Into Clients?

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